The MKRMS can be equipped with any Arduino MKR.

Sensors, switches and other components and extensions are added according to the needs of your project.

Switches, LEDs, sensors are added to the front panel pre-milled for the loudspeaker and display according to your requirements.

Power is supplied via a Micro USB or via a screw terminal with 5 to 36 V DC. The programming is done normally via your usual development environment on the USB In on the MKR board.
Thanks to the stable power supply, the MKRMS can be programmed and used without restarting after disconnecting the programming cable. Power problems caused by spikes or power-hungry sensors are a thing of the past.

The assembled and programmed MKRMS is then screwed onto the front panel and bolted to the housing. The whole package is then mounted directly into a wall or into another housing.

Thanks to the possible variable power supply, the MKRMS is perfectly suited for mobile installations with solar or battery operation.