Compatible with all ARDUINO MKR boards.

MKRZero, MKR 1000, MKR WIFI1010, MKR 1100, MKR FOX1200, MKR WAN1300, MKR GSM1400, MKR NB1500, MKR VIDOR4000 & PORTENTA H7

The MKRMS is a high-quality, extremely versatile shield for development and productive applications based on Arduino MKR.

It offers display, speakers with adjustable 2 Watt amplifier, stable power supply for controller and outputs, robust stabilized DC/DC input voltages from 5 to 30 Volt DC, 16 additional digital GPIO with screw terminals for the inputs and outputs as well as I2C and UART.

A Micro-SD card slot, two DC voltmeters, a Micro USB Power In, a power relay and BUS connectors allow a wide variety of devices and projects in a stable environment for industrial, home and education applications.

Matching housings and a generic front panel for convenient development and robust use in production let your projects grow and work professionally and pleasantly in a solid environment.

The MKRMS is available in individual parts or as a pre-assembled complete package and can be equipped and adapted according to your own requirements.